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Covid-19 Statement


FLORIDA KEYS -- Florida Keys government officials have temporarily closed the island destination to visitors until further notice. Florida Keys lodging businesses and virtually all other tourism-related businesses have temporarily ceased operations. Officials will re-evaluate tourism closures and make changes when appropriate.  

At Historic Hideaways the health and safety of our guests, homeowners, employees, vendors, and island community remain our top priorities. As one of the island’s oldest independently owned vacation rental management companies we are committed to doing what is best for all concerned during this time of uncertainty. Our goal is to balance the needs of Guests with the responsibility we have to our homeowners.

According to our rental agreements, guests may cancel for any reason up to 60 or 90 days prior to arrival (Nightly/Weekly vs. Monthly/Seasonal rentals respectively) and receive a refund minus a cancelation fee. For those needing to cancel within the 60- or 90-days prior to arrival, our cancellation policy states that any monies due are nonrefundable. The traditional fail safe for necessary cancellations within this period is trip insurance. Our travel insurance provider, Red Sky, is in most cases denying coverage for COVID-19. Absent a “cancel for any reason” policy most Guests are hitting a brick wall with ALL insurers, not just Red Sky. Therefore, Guests are left without many options during this time period unless they themselves contract COVID-19.  

Knowing this, we are choosing to work alongside our concerned Guests on a solution. Until further notice Guests with current reservations with arrival dates that occur between now and June 30th 2020 can expect the following 3 changes**:

1)     Cancelation terms – The 60 or 90 day requirements are being modified to a 15-day cancelation policy for both types of rentals.

2)     The requirement that arrival balances/final payments are due 60 or 90 days prior to arrival is modified to payments due 15 days prior to arrival. This is more procedural since we should know during the 15 - 21 day outreach program (see below), and prior to the 15 day cancel point, whether the island will be open. If Key West remains closed no additional money will be due.

3)     Outreach program - If cancelation is necessitated 15 - 21 days prior to arrival date due to Key West's continued closure Guests will be offered the option to defer their stay to a time within 12 months from their original arrival date. If a Guest chooses to travel during a higher rate period, they may expect to pay the difference.  

We hope the changes above will alleviate the pressure to make decisions so far out from arrival. Instead of decisions being made 60 - 90  days prior to arrival you now have up until 15 days prior to arrival for the same decisions. Also, trip insurance covers many other things so Guests who purchased insurance through Red Sky or on their own may have coverage should canceling occur for reasons other than COVID-19. We are contacting affected Guests that are due to arrive 15 - 21 days out so that they and we may begin the cancellation and/or re-booking process. We will continue to reach out to Guests on this “rolling calendar” basis, meaning once your reservation is 15 – 21 days out you will hear from us. This outreach program and schedule will be in effect for as long as necessary due to closure.  

**These changes to policy are subject to modification or removal at our discretion. If Guests choose to start the process of canceling or moving their reservation prior to the 15 - 21 day “rolling calendar” outreach program described above, which of course is allowed, please remember that it will be under the original terms of their rental agreements which are more rigid and less forgiving than our outreach program terms. For this reason Guests are encouraged to avail themselves of the outreach program timeline and offerings.

You are welcome to call us to discuss your reservation at any time, although as stated above we will be contacting you 15 – 21 days out via e-mail and phone. Please stay safe and take care as we all hunker down.

Historic Hideaways


To practice social distancing our office is closed to the public until further notice. Fraud Prevention: Historic Hideaways never authorizes or allows our properties to be placed, nor advertised, on any third-party site other than FindRentals. (We never advertise on Craigslist.) If you see any of our listings on a third-party site other than FindRentals it is unauthorized and a scam.