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Rules and Procedures

Rules and Procedures

What You Must Know About Your Vacation Rental

Personal Safety

Your personal safety comes first. If your vacation rental is equipped with a home security system please set your alarm system each time you leave the property. Please keep your doors, windows, and gates (if applicable) locked whenever possible. Be aware that there is opportunistic crime on our island just like the rest of the world so: please use common sense.


Please be considerate of your neighbors. Your vacation rental is situated in a typical residential community. "Partying" by your pool/spa during the late evening or early morning hours (11 p.m. – early a.m. hours) can be disruptive. Large gatherings are not permitted. All neighbors adjacent to our vacation rentals have our emergency numbers; if the police or we have to be called out one time, you will be escorted from the property and no refund will be issued.

Vacation Rental Keys

If you lose your keys each lock at the property must be changed. This is why we require a key deposit slip to be signed upon your arrival. For your security, as well as the security of the property, please do not lose your keys.

A/C System

Please keep the doors and windows closed if your air conditioner is on. The air conditioning system will freeze up if it is made to work with the windows and/or doors open. Guests will be charged for the service call if this happens.

Water Usage

Water is transported by a pipeline from the mainland. Water is a commodity Key West citizens do not take for granted. Please use our water carefully.


Your vacation rental pool/spa is chemically treated and cleaned at least once a week. It may be necessary for you to skim leaves on a daily basis. This is just one of the prices we pay for living in a tropical paradise! Private Pools that can be Heated (86 degrees or less) are only included for Season Rentals (December 15th – April 30th.) They are an option at other times, subject to advance notice and an additional fee. Generally, off season pool temps are 86 or higher, so pool heaters would not work.

Trash & Recyclables

The City of Key West does its part to recycle and pick up is once a week. Information on recycling days should be in your unit. Trash pickup is also once a week on the same day. Again, refer to information in your unit on trash pickup days or defer to your neighbors when you see them line the streets with garbage cans and/or the blue recycling bins! We suggest putting recyclable material and trash out the night before as many areas have early pick-up.

Checking Out

CHECK OUT Time is by 11 AM. Your Check Out cleaning is normally included with your rental if you leave the unit in 'as found' condition and keep up with the laundry. We ask that you just strip the beds that were used (you do not have to wash the linens). But please do start the washer with the towels you use the morning of Check Out. In addition, please lock all doors and windows to your unit when leaving and turn up the A/C to 85 degrees. NOTE: You MUST drop the keys off to our office when Checking Out. If the office is not open (early morning or weekend hours) we have a mail/drop slot to the left side of our front door. Place the keys through there. If you purchased the Security Protection Plan and have to claim something please be sure to drop off the claim notice as well. Please call HISTORIC HIDEAWAYS (305-294-3064) should you have any Check Out questions.

If you do not follow the above procedures, HISTORIC HIDEAWAYS may charge you an excessive cleaning fee. Excessive cleaning can also be for any of, but not limited to, the following reasons: dirty dishes, any 'leftovers' or perishable food items left in unit, trash not placed in its appropriate receptacle, soiled ovens; if you spill something please be sure to clean it up.

Our vacation rentals should be fully equipped with all materials you will need for the above requirements.